We will be in the high school LOBBY 

on February 23rd from 10am - noon with

sample uniforms for kids to try on and

answering general questions.  

All signups must still be done on-line.

Welcome to Rockridge Ball! 

Andalusia * IL City * Reynolds * Taylor Ridge  

Who's ready for Summer 2019 ball?  For return players, use your login from last year and get them registered for the current year.  Should be fairly simple for the returns!  We also welcome any new players!!  Sign up for a new player and the process should walk you right through it.  
Registration DEADLINE is March 6th for all participants except Seniors that can register through May based upon their later start.  Late registrations will be put on a waiting list.  IF a player is placed on a team, a late fee will be imposed.
Contacts for the summer Rockridge Ball programs:
Taylor Ridge - Sally Rogers (563-343-2039; sally.rogers@islecorp.com)
Andalusia - Josh Wennmacher (309-737-8473; wennmacherj@gmail.com)
Reynolds - Brenton Peterson (309-235-1157; beazy_421@yahoo.com)
Illinois City - Roger Farrington (309-312-0065; coachroger9@gmail.com)
The cost is $57 (includes registration/processing fees, full uniform) for T Ball Boys/Girls and J Ball Girls.
The cost is $88 (includes registration/processing fees, full uniform) for A,B,C,D Ball for boys and Minors and Juniors Girls.
The cost is $60 (includes registration/processing fees, shirt) for Senior Girls and same plus hat for Senior Boys.
All communication from coaches and the league will happen from this site. 

Girls are as follows:  6U (4-6 yrs old) for T Ball, 9U for J Ball, 11U for Minors, 14U for Juniors and 18U for Seniors (19 yr old graduating seniors may play) 
Boys are as follows:  T Ball (4-6 yrs old), D Ball (7-8 yrs old), C Ball (9-10 yrs old), B Ball (11-13 yrs old) and A Ball (14-15 yrs old)

Rockridge Ball Association
15924 28th St W
Milan IL 61264